Warranty and returns

If you have returns or warranty claims for any of our products, we will handle them for you as quickly as possible. Below are the terms of our warranty and returns. You can always contact us if you have any questions.


Our mods (devices without a tank) have a 90-day (three-month) manufacturer’s warranty against defects in workmanship or materials, from the date of purchase on your customer’s receipt.
We provide our warranty and return services to you as our wholesale customer and do not deal directly with your customers.

Very important:

In order to make a return request, it is important that you tell your customers to:
  • keep their receipt as proof of purchase date
  • keep their device packaging as it has the serial number.
We cannot accept returns without a receipt or the product’s original packaging. This warranty does not cover tanks, glass, atomisers (coils) or e-liquid. We also do not cover buyer’s remorse.
A warranty will be considered void if the product has been tampered with in any way, used with parts other than those sold and supplied by AussieJuice Co. , or damaged accidentally or through improper use, normal wear and tear, acts of GOD, negligence or abuse.
If your or your customer’s product issue complies with our warranty terms, it may qualify for a return.

Damaged in transit

If you, as a wholesale customer, receive products that have been damaged in transit, please take photos and contact us as soon as possible upon your order’s arrival. We may be able to replace the damaged products depending on our stock availability.


We will happily accept a return and exchange a product if it meets our warranty terms and is found to be defective.

How to request a return


Before applying for a return, please contact us and let us know of the product issue. We may be able to solve the problem quickly over the phone. If not, we will ask that you return the product to us for further inspection.
Please do not skip this step. From our experience, there is a relatively quick fix for many issues.
Additionally, we will only refund you the postage costs of the return if the product is in fact found to be defective. If not, the product will be returned to you without a refund in your next order.
  1. Contact us to troubleshoot the issue.
  2. If we cannot help resolve the issue, carefully complete our return form below.
  3. Print the email confirmation of your submitted form. This confirmation will have our return address.
  4. Place the following in a box or satchel, ready to send back to us:
    a.    the printed return form confirmation
    b.    the product/s you want to return (please ensure the product is protected in transit with enough padding)
    c.    the customer purchase receipt (original or copy).
  5. Take photos of the following and send them to wholesale@aussiejuiceco.com.au:
    a.    the package labelled with our return address
    b.    the receipt of postage costs.
  6. Post your package and we’ll be in touch with a solution after we have received and inspected the product.
If the product is found to be defective, we will:
  • refund you the return postage costs in your next order
  • send you a replacement product in your next order.

Return form

Complete the form below to submit a return request for a product. Please ensure that it complies with our warranty terms and that you follow our return process above.
Please call us to discuss the issue before continuing with this return.
The original receipt (or a copy of it) is required to proceed with a return. Please contact us if you have any questions.
This product is no longer under warranty and cannot be exchanged. Please contact us if you have any questions.
This is required to proceed with a return. Please contact us if you have any questions.
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