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Starry Wax Pad - XMAX

RRP $8.95

The XMAX Starry Wax Pad fit inside the oven, allowing you to add solid concentrates to your dry herb sessions with ease. Switching between dry herbs and concentrates is a breeze, as the pads pop out easily. You can enjoy your concentrates slowly over a full session, rather than all at once. However, be cautious not to use too much, as concentrates can spill and damage your device. Please note that these pads are only for use with waxes and solid concentrates, and are not compatible with liquid concentrates. Using liquid concentrates with these pads may ruin your device, and may not be covered under warranty.


  • Manufacturer: XMAX
  • Compatible with both the Starry 3 and Starry 4

Package Content

  • XMAX Starry Wax Pad