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Obelisk C Subohm Tank - Geek Vape

RRP $45.95

The incredible Cerberus Subohm Tank returns to the market with impressive features. This well-designed 25mm base diameter tank updates its adjustable bottom AFC ring from dual-slotted to tri-slotted. Fill up 4ml or 5.5ml of your favorite liquid with innovative threaded top fill system. Create massive clouds and flavor with new Geekvape S Series Coil (Super Mesh Coil). Enjoy a triple-boosting vaping experience!

Obelisk C Tank has an adjustable tri-slotted bottom airflow ring to control the inflow of air to create conditions conducive to thicker vapor or richer flavor production.

Obelisk C Tank hosts an innovative top fill system, accessible by rotating the knurled and threaded top cap, avoiding leakage effectively and making top filling more convenient via two oversized filling ports. It can hold a generous 5.5ml of your favorite liquid with a bubble glass tube and 4ml with a regular glass tube.

Obelisk C Tank is able to access Geekvape S Series Coil, the new Super Mesh Coil Line of Geekvape. Compatible with both dual Mesh (0.25Ω, 45~55W) and single Mesh (0.15Ω, 80~90W), this KA1-made coil minimizes ramp-up time and maximizes the vapor and flavor.

Replaceable Components

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  • Compatible with Geek Vape S Series Coils
  • Tri-Boosting Airflow
  • Dual Mesh Coil - 0.25ohm (60-80W) - Preinstalled
  • Single Mesh Coil - 0.15ohm (70-85W)
  • Capacity 5.5ml (Spare tube glass 4ml)
  • Diameter: 25x43mm
  • Filling Method: Top fill
  • Driptip: 810

Package Content

  • Geek Vape Obelisk C Subohm Tank
  • 0.25 ohm Dual Mesh S Series coil pre-installed
  • 0.15 ohm Single Mesh S Series Coil
  • Spare glass tube 4.0mL
  • Spare parts pack