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HydraVonG-XLS Dark Wood - DynaVap

At 109mm, has a spinning mouthpiece combined with a 62mm Stem and a Titanium Tip. The Stem is tapered to fit 14mm adapters nicely. This device features an organic design, improved tactile geometry, and a better grip. The discreet airport allows the user to manually modify the air to vapor intake ratio.

Replaceable Components

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  • True dry herb vaporizer
  • No battery required
  • Faceted tip with airflow serrations and adjust-a-bowl feature
  • 14mm tapered mouthpeice - mates with most 14mm female glass fittings
  • Titanium and wood material
  • Use DynaWax to clean and moisturize the wood (sold separately)
  • Colour and grain vary on materials
  • Heating Range: 150-230°C
  • Lenth: 109mm
  • Diameter: 14mm

Package Content

1 x DynaVap HydraVonG XLS Dark Wood