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Apple Fritter - Loaded - Ruthless Collection

For all of you 'Loaded' fans, you’re going to love Apple Fritter. If you like Glazed Donuts and Cookie Butter, Apple Fritter is a must try. Like, really... There’s nothing better than homemade apple fritter in the morning with a cup of coffee. Those scrumptious little bites of caramelised apple, crispy dough and a touch of cinnamon is just oh so heavenly.

Okay, enough fantasising about Apple Fritter. If you enjoy your vape to be warmer, get ready to increase your watts for this e-juice because it’s the perfect e-juice to do it with.

First things first, the gentle and velvety throat hit will give you the cloud production that cloud-chasers dream of. When it comes to flavour, it’s got the classic flavour intensity and texture unique to Loaded e-juices. You’ll instantly notice the sweet and woody cinnamon flavour that compliments the caramelised apple well.

The apple isn’t overpowering and the glazed apple paired with cinnamon is a match made in heaven. Lastly, the crisp golden brown dough completes the flavour with a delightful and elegant finish leaving your soul at peace.