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Storz & Bickel warranty and returns

Storz & Bickel Dry Herb Vape Kits and devices (but not accessories) have a two or three year warranty through Storz & Bickel itself. The warranty length depends on the device:

  1. Two-year warranty for Crafty and Mighty Dry Herb Vapes.
  2. Three-year warranty for Volcano Classic, Volcano Hybrid, Plenty, Mighty+ and Crafty+.

The Storz and Bickel site will have the most up-to-date list of vapourisers and their warranty length, in case there are newer products than those above.

You or ourselves cannot organise a return on behalf of your customers. They must do this directly with Storz & Bickel.

How customers get the Storz & Bickel warranty

Your customers must register their device after creating an account through the Storz & Bickel website. This will activate the warranty and cover repair or returns that occur within the warranty period. Damage caused by improper use or normal wear and tear are not covered.

Links to register

  1. Create a customer account
  2. Register device

Customers should keep their receipt as it will determine the beginning of the warranty period. In the absence of a receipt, Storz & Bickel will use the device's serial number to calculate the warranty start point which may only indicates when the device was sold to us, the wholesaler, not necessarily the end user.

Return or repair requests

Your customers should follow the repair request steps on the Storz & Bickel site and then initiate an RMA (returned merchadise authorisation) to make a warranty claim. These will need to be approved by Storz & Bickel before proceeding which can take up to three days.

Important notes:

  • The receipt or device serial number (located on the vapouriser) is required.
  • Devices will need to be posted to Storz & Bickel in Germany. If Storz and Bickel confirm the repair request is within the warranty period, your customers will receive a free postage label to cover shipping costs.
  • If the warranty is lapsed or breached, customers can pay for the repair and postage of their Storz & Bickel vapouriser.