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About us

Welcome to AussieJuice Co.

We are a Brisbane-based vape product wholesaler dedicated to distributing quality vape products to Australian registered businesses at competitive prices.

We have traded in the tobacco industry for over 30 years and the vape industry for over 10 years, in both retail and online store environments. Our mission is to use the extensive knowledge we have gained during this time to help other businesses build their sales and profits in the vape industry.

An added benefit of continuing to trade in the industry means you will get our inside knowledge of which best selling vape products we recommend specifically for your business and also how to sell them.

Your business is our business.

This motto is the premise of our business etiquette and customer service. It sums up how we see our customers.

What happens to your business matters to us.

This is why we want to share our knowledge of the vape industry and products – so you too can enjoy success.

Without you, there IS no us.

This is why we operate with honesty and integrity as we believe they are important characteristics of a good supplier.

Our contracts

We are an official Vaporesso distributor in Australia which makes our prices very competitive. Vaporesso is one of the top e-cigarette manufacturers in China and develop some of the most popular and quality e-cigarettes on the vape market.

Our future

For our business, we aim to continue growth in the wholesale of vape products so that we become the most trusted supplier in Australia.For our customers, we have a lot more in store. Our website will become an online portal for all the vape knowledge you need. This includes:

Vape news
Good and bad news about e-cigarettes and what this means for you.

Best sellers list
Monthly list of the best-selling products (inside information from our online vape stores).

Online tutorials
You and your customers will be able to learn how to use any of our products.

Related products
Matching products on each item so you know what accessories go with any given device.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the kind of customer support we will offer.

To us, it's not just about getting new customers.

We also take care of the customers we have to ensure a long vape-business relationship.